Sinwise Farms is an ode to our family’s roots. We hand-craft traditional chai and coffee with fresh, hand-picked, and sustainably-grown ingredients from our family farm in Southern India.

Family farm

Our family farm is situated in the cardamom hills of Kerala, Southern India, nestled deeply in the lush forest of the Western Ghats. Kerala is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Its nutrient-rich soil and tropical climate produce spices that are abundant in flavor and medicinal properties. For hundreds of years, our family has been respectfully cultivating on this land, following ayurvedic and sustainable practices, and passing down these values to younger generations.

Brewing beverages that promote introspection, connectedness, and fair-trade farming practices.

Chai and coffee are deeply rooted in our culture, a great unifier, ubiquitous at every gathering. They are a natural source of energy, full of antioxidants, and promote healthy digestion.

We source our ingredients directly from our family and community farms in Southern India to honor our farming traditions, limit our footprint, and bring you the most authentic and delicious boost of energy.

Now that’s sinning wisely.